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Our People

Firm Support


Efe Anuku- Llb; Acis, Sphri / Practice Manager

As an HRCI (“International Human Resource Certification”)-certified Senior Professional in Human Resources Efechia Anuku functions as the Firm's Practice Manager and manages the human capital management, information technology

Ugochi Ndukwe / Finance Manager

Ugochi is a dedicated and astute Chartered Accountant that specializes in Financial Accounting and Management with over 12 years’ experience and expertise in overseeing transactions, preparation, analysis and delivery

Abraham Awoleye / Information Technology Officer

He is a Certified Google IT Support professional. Abraham is an experienced and excellent driven IT professional in the delivery of quality services to end users.

Caleb Oso

Jonathan has over 5 years of professional work experience in the IT industry, tech startups, and professional branding. He has spent the last few years creating innovative tech solutions

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