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Corporate Governance, Compliance and Competition

The Law Crest LLP is at the forefront of providing regulatory, compliance and anti-trust advisory services. The Firm provides corporate governance audit services to determine the level of compliance with the codes of corporate governance applicable to our clients.

We are also engaged in board and corporate governance evaluation of our clients to assess the performance of individual members of their boards and the board collectively in executing their oversight roles on the company or entity as well as compliance with any applicable board charter.

In addition, we provide legal advice on regulatory compliance issues for a wide spectra of organisations cut across the various sectors of the economy to which we provide our services. We are particularly regularly in engagement with regulators in the energy, power, banking, IP, telecoms, capital markets, fmcg, export and investment promotion industries amongst others on behalf of our clients

Our competition team is regularly consulted to provide guidance and advice on transactions, local and cross-boarder to ensure that they are not in breach of our competition laws.

Our team engages the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) regularly for approvals and pre-merger consultations.

Our Lawyers are members of the Anti-Trust and Competition section of the International Bar Association.